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If you placed an order, orders are automatically scheduled for the next available ship date but may need to be moved to a later date. We will notify you if we must move your order.

If your order has been scheduled for a week that will not work for you to receive your order please contact us to reschedule it.

Please read the information on this page and then review your order to make sure it is correct.

Also once you have placed your order, please be sure to read the email you will receive in the subsequent 30 minutes with important information about your first order.

What you need to know:
  • Use the tabs near the top of the page to manage your account:

  • You can modify your order up to the order cut-off time for each ship date that is listed to the right of the ship date.

  • When editing an order there is no "check-out" process. Use the "browse products" button to add items to your order and the "submit order" button to update changes to quantities in your cart up to the order cut-off time.

    After the order cut-off time, the order will automatically go into production and cannot be cancelled, so make sure you remove any items you don't want before the cut-off. Additions are sometimes possible if you contact us at [email protected]


Fresh and Frozen Items in Orders
The entrees that we prepare in the current weekly menu are sent fresh whenever possible. Other items like breakfasts, side dishes, desserts (except our dessert of the week), condiments or fresh-frozen main dishes are generally sent frozen.

How and when meals will arrive
When you receive your first order confirmation email (within the next 5 - 30 minutes) it will tell you if you will receive a ground or air shipment and indicate when your first order will arrive. You can also view this information when you review your order by clicking on the button below.


Delivery Via FedEx
You will receive a tracking email on the day your order ships (usually Wednesday the week of your delivery. It may come early the morning the following day in some cases. If you do not receive it you must contact us. Please use the tracking link provided to keep an eye on your order and note the day delivery will be attempted. If you haven't received your order by the day FedEx indicated it would be delivered please track it again and contact us for help. 

Because our shipments are perishable, they are sent "no signature required" to be sure they are delivered on the first attempt. It is your responsibility to make sure that the address you have your food shipped to offers safe conditions for receiving unattended shipments, or is always attended.

We will not be held responsible for shipments lost after delivery or where the delivery driver will not leave an unattended package due to their internal company policies. It is your responsibility to be pro-active about providing instructions to FedEx and noticing any delays. You can always contact us for help with any delivery issue but you must be the one to track your package and figure out if something is wrong as it is not feasible for us to do this with the same effectiveness as you.

We have designed our shipping materials with environmentally responsible disposal in mind. Corrugated boxes and any plastics may be recycled. Our non-styrofoam shipping insulation is made of recycled plant fibers and is biodegradable.

Print this page for future reference (highly-recommended)